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School SIGN CLUB  Packages

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Custom Logo Deadline

August 1st

Payment and Logo Files must be received for inclusion of logo August/September BTS Displays. 

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5 Sign Package


Savings of $120

Package Includes:

  • 4 Signs at the regular price of $120 each

  • 1 FREE SIGN  

  • 2 School Logo/Mascot Graphics*

3 Sign Package


Savings of $60

Package Includes:

  • 2 Signs at the regular price of $120 each

  • 1 SIGN at 50% Discount

  • 1School Logo/Mascot Graphic*

Returning Schools

  • 5% Discount

  • Choice of Additional Logo(s)* Or Additional Discount



*See Important Terms and Conditions To Packages Below​

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**Important SCHOOL CLUB Terms and Conditions:

  • Payment and Graphic Files must be received by August 10th for Custom Logos to be included in the Back-to-School Sign.

  • The prices above are for OUTDOOR SIGNS.  INDOOR SIGNS are available but subject to an additional $25 fee per indoor sign.

  • Subject to additional Delivery fees per sign-in of the package if the school is located outside of "DELIVERY-INCLUDED" zip codes. (See Terms and Conditions PAGE for Delivery Fees.)

  • Prices above are for 24-36hr. rental periods.  If additional time is requested, it is subject to additional fees of $25/ 24 hr.

  • Letter/Number Characters in sign must be 20 or less (including spaces), or a $3 per additional character charge will apply.

  • All Logo Files must be of high quality/largest file size in EPS, AI, or PDF format.

  • Logo Graphics are the property of SG-MoCo, NOT THE SCHOOL. Logo/Mascot can only be used in displays by SG MoCo Yard Greetings on the school's property or the property of members of the school community. (i.e., Promotion/Graduation signs at graduates' homes may include the logo.)

  • School Administration and/or PTA/PTSA Representatives signing this agreement are responsible for signage while installed on school property and will be charged full replacement cost if any graphic is damaged or stolen.

  • All SGMoCo Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.

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