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Terms and Conditions


  • By submitting payment to Sign Gypsies MoCo, LLC (SG MoCo), you (Purchaser) are authorizing that you read and agree to the below terms and conditions and any subsequent changes as posted to the website. 

    • Purchaser authorizes that SG MoCo and its agents have permission to be on the property receiving the greeting installation.

    • Purchaser is responsible for the sign while placed in the requested location, regardless of whether they own, lease, or live at the address.

    • SG MoCo may photograph the yard greeting for use on its business website, Instagram, and Facebook pages, and in other marketing materials unless otherwise informed in writing not to do so.

    • SG MoCo will place a small sign in the yard stating its contact information. This sign is located away from the greeting, and will not appear in pictures of the sign you take. Do not move it.

Service Area:

  • We service all of Montgomery County and Northwest, DC.

    • Zipcodes listed below are within our "INCLUDED DELIVERY" Zone, and are not subject to delivery fees.*

    • Zipcodes not listed below will be charged a $15-$25 mileage fee.

    • Most of MC is within the $15 delivery fee zone, but some will be charged $25 due to additional mileage and drive time.          (i.e. Poolesville, Damascus, Chevy Chase, etc.) 

    • Your delivery fee is determined by the the installation address zipcode.



Installation & Removal:

  • Yard Preparation

    • WATER the yard in the days leading up to your delivery. A 6” screwdriver should easily penetrate the ground.

    • REMOVE PET WASTE from the yard prior to installation.



    • SG MoCo installs signs on GRASS LAWNS, which is defined as unobstructed soil with grass on top. SG MoCo cannot install greetings in other ground toppings, including but not limited to, pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, thick landscaping, hard packed soil, such as that used as a driveway. 

If you require a sign in an area that is NOT GRASS, the sign will be set up on stands which are subject to additional COST and conditions.  Set-ups on stands must be requested in ADVANCE. SGMoCo does not have additional stands on site during installations.  Installers cannot move from a ground install to stand install at the point of installation while on site. If we must return with stands additional charges will apply.

  • Installation Process

    • Client does not need to be home or present during the installation.  

    • Installations take approximately 40-60 minutes from the point we arrive on property.

    • Outdoor Installations are done in the FRONT YARD.  (If a backyard installation is requested, it must be done in advance and is subject to additional fees and installation restrictions for the safety of our installers. BACKYARD INSTALLS ARE NEVER DONE AFTER DARK.)

    • SIgn Location is based on the professional judgement of our installer. However, we will do everything we can to install the sign in the location requested.  Please note any specific requests/considerations on your booking form. (In some cases we cannot install in desired/requested area due to obstacles in the ground. In these cases the installer will do their best to locate the sign in a more suitable area to make the sign look it's best.)

    • We do not guarantee a delivery time.  Installations are done a delivery route.  Each installation and yard presents it's own set of obstacles and can cause delays.  WE TEXT YOU when we are on our way to your location with an exact arrival time. 

      • AM Installation Routes: STARTS at  7am-11am and cannot be guaranteed before NOON. 

      • PM Installation Routes:  STARTS at 4pm and can go all night depending on number of installs. 

    • If you require the sign first thing in the morning, we suggest a PM install.  

    • SG MoCo is not responsible for creating an element of surprise. That is the responsibiliby of the client. However, we do recoomend to close all drapes/blinds to help ensure the surprise for the recipient, and to provide privacy from the installer in the yard during the delivery window.

    • SGMoCo reserves the right to alter requested greeting due to yard size and/or conditions during installation. If unsure the yard will accommodate the ordered greeting, please email SG MoCo a photo of the yard in advance to ensure selection of the appropriate greeting package.

    • SG MoCo will send client a photo of the greeting when complete. If trying to surprise the recipient, do not assume the sign is done until you receive that photo.  It takse approximately 40-60 minutes to install the sign.

    • Leave on an outside light at night. (THANK YOU!)I

    • DO NOT REMOVE, RELOCATE, or MANIPULATE THE SIGN AS DAMAGE IS LIKELY TO OCCUR.  If you are not pleased with an aspect of the sign, please text 301-539-9988 for assistance.

  • Removal Process:

    • SG MoCo will return to remove the yard greeting anywhere from 24-36 hours after installation unless additional days have been purchased up front. 

    • During higher demand periods, SGMoCo prioritizes installations over removals and you may be lucky and receive some additional time with your sign. 

    • Client will receive a text when SGMoCo is on the way to remove the sign.

    • DO NOT REMOVE THE SIGN YOURSELF.  If there is an urgent need to remove the sign, please text 301-539-9988 for assistance.

    • SGMoCo will assess the sign prior to removal and compare to the the picture taken at the point of installation to ensure no dameage or missing graphics.

    • SGMoCo will remove sign and all graphics.

    • Client does not need to be home for sign removal

    • Signs that are Stained or Dirty due to MOWING or any other reason, excluding weather will be subject to a $35 cleaning fee.

    • Signs that are damaged or stolen will be billed to the client for full replacement value per graphic missing/damaged.  

    • All signs are property of SG MoCo and are for rental purposes only. 


    • Indoor signs are subject to additional fees and terms and conditions, which will be supplied to client at the point of bookin



    • If client does not reside at address sign is being installed; SG MoCo requires the client to notify at least one individual in that household that SG MoCo will be on the property during the scheduled windows outlined above for installation and removal. This is for SG MoCo’s safety and to help keep the surprise for the recipient.

    • By submitting payment, CLIENT authorizes that SG MoCo has permission to be on the property of the gift recipient. Purchaser is responsible for the sign while placed in the requested yard, regardless of whether they live at that address.

    • Client is responsible greeting while it is installed at the requested location. Client is encouraged to forward the terms and conditions to the homeowner/resident.

    • If requested, SG MoCo will leave a hang tag on the recipient’s doorknob identifying the who sent the sign.

Payments, Cancellation & Refunds

  • Payment:

    • Preparation is required before the installation is done and payment is required a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation of the yard greeting.

    • In the event of non-payment, SGMoCo reserves the right to cancel the sign installation.

  • Cancellations/Refunds/Rescheduling:

    • Cancellations recieved prior to 48 hours will receive a full refund. 

    • Cancellations received withing 48 hours of installation will be limited to $50.

    • Rescheduling a greeting for any reason is subject to availability. If rescheduling is unavailable, a refund will only be given if the rescheduling request was initiated 48 hours before the installation was originally scheduled.



  • Inclement Weather

    • SG MoCo will not be able to install or remove the greeting under severe weather conditions including, but not limited to, snow, ice, heavy rain, hail, lightening and strong wind.

    • SG MoCo will contact Client to make alternative scheduling arrangements. If SG MoCo is unable to install or reschedule a greeting because of severe weather, Client will receive a full refund.

    • SG MoCo reserves the right to remove a greeting early if hazardous weather (Including HIGH WIND) conditions arise. Since sign was installed and impending weather is asafety issue, refunds will not be offered if a sign is removed early.

  • Poor Site Conditions

    • SGMoCo reserves the right to cancel once on client's property due to site conditions impacting installer safety. (i.e. Not Limited to but examples could include: Hard and Unwatered Ground, Overly long grass, Unrestrained/Aggressive Pet, Pet Waste on site, No Grass Area, debris/obstacles in yard, etc.) Refund will be limited to $50.

    • SG MoCo reserves the right to cancel at any time, at their sole discretion, if a concern arises regarding the safety of SG MoCo’s employees/agents and/or signs. SG MoCo will contact Client if this situation arises to decide on an alternate arrangement/solution. 

  • Installer Safety

    • SGMoCo takes the safety of our installers very seriously.  Our installers receive specific training regarding expected behavior while on client property. 

    • If at any time an installer feels unsafe, threatened, verbally or physically assaulted or any other threat to their perceived personal safety, the installer has the discretion to leave and you will not be refunded.

    • Determination of personal safety is at the discretion of the installer in every circumstance.  (Safety is a perception that can only be understood by the person who feels unsafe.)

    • SGMoCo fully trains, supports, and trusts the discretion of the installer regardless of the client's input, REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GRANTED IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES.


Personal Injuries & Damages

  • SGMoCo and its agents are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or property during the installation, duration, and removal of any rental.

  • SG MoCo encourages individuals to enjoy and pose next to the greeting for photographs. For the safety of everyone, please follow these basic guidleines:

    • Do not lean on, or push against the sign. The signs will not support weight or pressure.

    • Do not allow children or PETS or play near the display. 

  • All signs are the property of SG MoCo. CLIENT will be held responsible for all damages, which will be assessed and billed at SGMoCo’s replacement cost.

    • DO NOT attach anything (balloons, string, decorations, etc.) to any part of the display.

    • DO NOT mow, edge around, or take down the display for lawn maintenance purposes. If a lawn service is scheduled during the duration of your display it is your responsibility to inform them of our terms or schedule the lawn service before greeting is installed or after the greeting is removed.

    • Keep pets away from the signs. Keep pets secured during installation window.  No pets should be out while installer is on premises.














Delivery Included Zip Codes*:

*(When fuel price average is over $3.75/gallon, all zipcode locations will be subject to $10 Fuel Surcharge.)

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